The Infiniswitch EDI software is designed as a redundancy switch between dual EDI streams feeding DAB distribution networks & transmitters.

The Infiniswitch EDI is engineered to safeguard DAB multiplex output against disruptions and failures. For a DAB Multiplex Operator, ensuring continuous transmission of DAB is paramount.

Should an EDI output from a DAB multiplex be lost or audio subchannel errors be detected in the primary EDI stream, the Infiniswitch EDI automatically switches to the secondary EDI stream, ensuring uninterrupted broadcasting.


Seamless Failover

Flexibility and Compatibility

Remote Management


EDI spec compliance

Multi-channel management

Highest security with TLS (HTTPS) and 2 factor authentication.

SNMP traps on status changes

Flexibility and Compatibility

Whether you operate a small-scale DAB multiplex or manage a large network infrastructure, Infini Switch EDI is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

The software is compatible with ANY DAB multiplexing system outputting EDI, not just Multimuxa, and can be simply integrated into existing broadcasting workflows.

Seamless Failover

With Infini Switch EDI, failover occurs seamlessly and automatically. In the event of a primary EDI output failure or degradation, the software swiftly switches to the redundant EDI output without any disruption to the broadcasting process. Frame count alignment between the primary and secondary EDI streams ensures a smooth and uninterrupted listening experience for your audience.

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Infini Switch EDI scales effortlessly to accommodate additional multiplex outputs. Additional channels can be made readily available by adjusting the software licence, allowing multiple EDI streams to be managed in a single interface. Alternatively, for separate systems, the operator can link multiple instances of Infini Switch such that they all make the same decision as to what to output: the secondary instance follows the decisions of the elected primary Infini Switch.

Technical Specifications

The software operates as a service and is accessible through a secure HTTPS connection to the web Graphical User Interface. SNMP traps and a comprehensive API allows MultiMonitor to integrate with data management consoles.

   Operating System - Windows 10/11 Pro, Linux
   CPU - Intel Core i5 processor - 2GHz or faster
   Memory - 8GB RAM
   Storage - 2GB free disk capacity for installation


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