The OBSERVA FIELD MONITOR offers an all-in-one package for in dpeth analysis of FM and DAB+ RF signals. The RF and GPS receivers are tailored for conducting thorough RF surveys and verifying signals.

The OBSERVA ANALYSER provides a robust software only standalone solution focused on IP based (EDI) ensemble decoding and analysis.

Designed for

DAB multiplex operators, broadcast regulators,
transmitter network providers
and vehicle manufacturers

Function Field Monitor Analyser
DAB demodulation
FM monitor
GPS with logging and map overlay, data export/import (KMZ)
EDI Input monitoring
FEP Input monitoring
ETI File analysing
Save to file options: ETI, Sub-channel, PAD, Audio (PCM or WAV)
Audio playout and silence detection & audible alerts
Overview of the DAB ensemble with audio level and data display
Analysis of Fast Information Channel (FIC)
Full ensemble recording by scheduled date, start-time, and duration
Service Linking and Other Ensemble data
PAD rates, MOT, and DLS/DL+ flow

Real-Time Displays

Data is logged against accurate GPS information to produce real-time displays, including graphing of the bit errors rate (BER) in the fast information channel (FIC), phase reference symbol (PRS) display and the channel impulse response (CIR).



Accurate measurements

The OBSERVA Field Monitor captures comprehensive RF measurements presented in concise graphical displays, which can be recorded for detailed analysis. The device has several applications to suit the need of the operator:

Technical Specifications

This products include a well-designed custom Peli case for safe storage and transport. Additionally, they offer continuous software updates to ensure the latest features and improvements.

The package consists of a receiver unit with a GPS receiver and a USB license key, USB power cable, RF and GPS antennas with magnetic mounts, an RF antenna cable, antenna rod, USB power cable, and a USB memory stick containing software installers, license files, user guides, and release notes.


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