Factum Radioscape support first DAB+ launch in the Channel Islands


DAB+ launch in the Channel Islands

Listeners in the Channel Islands have been tuning in to the new local DAB+ services since the platform launched in August. Currently, the ensemble offers diverse programmes with 22 services available from community radio stations, Nation Radio, Global, Wireless and the BBC, with capacity for more services to be added. James Keen, Pan-island Station Director at Tindle.
Radio comments:

"We’ve been thrilled by the reaction to Soleil Radio – from the feedback we’ve received it’s clear that thousands of islanders have already made Soleil their new place to relax on DAB+ after just four weeks."

“The extra benefits of DAB+ in terms of slideshow, now playing information and digital quality reception across Jersey and Guernsey have been welcomed by both new listeners to Soleil as well as fans of our existing stations Channel 103 and Island FM.”

Factum Radioscape completed installation of the ENMUXA DAB system in two days at Les Platons. The professional software provides straightforward and secure management for the multiplex, and the OBSERVA Monitoring allows the operator to supervise the transmitted signal on air. Factum Radioscape’s Sales Manager James Waterson adds,

“We’re very pleased with how well the project came together. With careful technical planning and co-operation with all parties involved in the launch, we have successfully delivered our DAB+ system to a new listenership who are delighted with the service.”

Alderney’s QUAY-FM Station Manager Dougal Bohan says the move represents “a new chapter and secure future” for radio in the Channel Islands. Affordable, dependable and easy-to-manage, ENMUXA and OBSERVA are the ideal software for local and national DAB Multiplex operators worldwide. For more information on Factum Radioscape’s services and products, please contact:

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