Factum Radioscape Support DAB+ Pilot in Montenegro


DAB+ Pilot In Montenegro

Radio difuzni centar d.o.o., in collaboration with Factum Radioscape, have successfully delivered the first test DAB transmissions to Montenegro.

All planning, remote installation, and training were completed within a short, well-structured timeframe. RDC used a local supplier to procure a cost-effective IPC platform to host the ENMUXA DAB system, complete with the OBSERVA monitoring to study and verify the output from the test multiplex. Control and operation of the multiplex are achieved through the easy-to-use ENMUXA web interface.

Factum Radioscape’s Sales Manager James Waterson remarks:

“We’re pleased to partner with RDC as they explore the benefits of DAB Radio in Montenegro. The whole process has been swift from start to finish. Ljiljana and her team have seen the power of our products, from the initial remote demonstration to the final system installation. We have been happy to work closely with RDC and draw on our experience with DAB deployments worldwide, to begin the journey of bringing DAB+ to listeners in Montenegro.”

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