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KMZ file recordings added to OBSERVA Field Monitor


KMZ File exporting from the Observa Field Monitor


In collaboration with telecommunication engineering specialists Mediatronic srl, the OBSERVA Field Monitor has the added function to record DAB field data in KMZ format. By uploading the KMZ file to Google Earth, a user can create a presentation and easily share their field data for DAB reception quality and accurate coverage planning.

Factum Radioscape’s OBSERVA Field Monitor is a powerful and intuitive tool designed to provide reliable and comprehensive RF monitoring of DAB signal coverage and performance. It is used by Mediatronic for DAB signal analysis across Italy.

The OBSERVA Field Monitor is a portable device equipped with advanced signal analysis capabilities and provides detailed information on signal coverage, quality, and performance. The Map view provides a visualisation of the DAB signal quality during the journey using the Field Monitor’s GPS and RF antenna. The Data Logging feature is designed to record live data, which is customisable to focus on specific metrics of interest, such as a particular transmitter.

Together, the map and logger provide key DAB signal analysis during drive surveys, used to identify, and troubleshoot signal degradation and black-spots, and as a reference receiver to evaluate the performance of in car receivers.

The new KMZ file implementation makes the OBSERVA Field Monitor an invaluable tool for Mediatronic for real-time data recording which can be presented clearly using Google Earth.

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