Factum Radioscape provide French radio group GRAM with OBSERVA Monitoring


French radio group GRAM with OBSERVA Monitoring

The OBSERVA Field Monitor accurately monitors and records a series of immediate and informative measurements through its designed in-house RF receiver, in conjunction with advanced software.

The GRAM Group is installing a DAB network in Nantes with the start of operation set for 2 July 2019, for the broadcast of 26 radio stations, of which 10 are community P/S (community radios). Mr. Pierre Boucard, President of GRAM, stated that the OBSERVA Field Monitor was the ideal device

"for SFN coordination and ensuring signal compliance."

James Waterson, Global Sales Director of Factum Radioscape, comments

“Field Monitor is the ideal solution for all Radio Stations to collect complete and accurate data in the field during their surveys. For the GRAM Group the measurements ensure optimal signal coverage during the installation of a single frequency network (SFN) in Nantes.”

Andy Joseph, Commercial Director of Factum Radioscape, added:

“Over the past year, the OBSERVA range of monitoring products has proven to be a key component of our customers' DAB infrastructure. We are excited that our efforts on the OBSERVA series will lead to the same result next year.”

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