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OBSERVA Range Provides DAB Monitoring Solution for Iranian Transmitters

Fara Afrand, a major transmitter manufacturer and system integrator for a DAB pilot project in Tehran, have chosen the OBSERVA Multiplex Supervisor and OBSERVA Field Monitor to measure audio signal and modulation quality. The Multiplex Supervisor provides the user with … Read More

Factum Radioscape Provide French Radio Group GRAM with OBSERVA Monitoring

Factum Radioscape are proud to be supplying GRAM (Group of Radios Associatives of the Nantes Metropole) with the market leading DAB+ measuring tool, the OBSERVA Field Monitor: a  portable device for measuring and analysing DAB+ RF signals. The OBSERVA Field Monitor … Read More

Professional DAB Receiver Conquers Automotive Industry

The world’s most recognised automotive specialists including Aston Martin, Toyota, Volvo, Peugeot and Citroen have all recently purchased Factum Radioscape’s market leading DAB+ measuring tool, the OBSERVA Field Monitor. The OBSERVA Field Monitor accurately monitors and records an array of … Read More