Toyota have chosen the OBSERVA Field Monitor to as a reference tool to test DAB coverage for their RF receivers. This device provides key data to help enhance reception of DAB services.

The Field Monitor is extremely portable, powered via USB, and includes magnetically mounted RF and GPS antennae, making it an ideal solution for mobile DAB monitoring in a vehicle. A recent feature added to the tool is the ability to import the logged data and display the metrics against the map overlay for instant visual assessment.

The Field Monitor improves the capability for defining customer reports relating to DAB reception quality, allowing performance comparisons against in car DAB tuners to ensure all services are available and decoded correctly. Pascal Vandensteen, a Senior Expert Technician, Electronics, Research & Development at Toyota Motor Europe uses the Field Monitor to accurately evaluate the field strength condition in specific geographical area, and for deep analysis of DAB ensemble.

The field strength values can be assigned thresholds and colour indicators to highlight areas of signal degradation, as captured in Pascal’s road test:

Factum Radioscape’s Sales Manager James Waterson adds, “The Field Monitor helps Toyota record accurate DAB signals in the field and use this data to optimise their in-car receiver performance, and user experience for the end customer. There is a strong focus on capabilities of in-car receivers following the EECC Directive, which requires that all new passenger cars in the EU can receive DAB radio. The Field Monitor offers an affordable and reliable test tool for broadcasters and automotive manufacturers alike.”