Complete DAB+ Broadcasting Solution

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ENMUXA is the most versatile broadcasting software for digital radio on the market. Comprised of encoders, multiplexing and system management, ENMUXA is designed to incorporate a wide range of audio and data input options, all adhering to the latest broadcasting standards. The software led approach allows complete flexibility in installation including premise-based deployment, virtualisation on server and deployment in the cloud. Utilising over 20 years’ experience in worldwide digital broadcasting systems, our highly trained DAB+ experts will work closely with you to deliver a cost effective, reliable and easily managed system.

Key Features

Implementation of ENMUXA is straightforward as it can be provided as a software based application, but also as a complete network infrastructure on IPC(s) or server(s). Multiple instances of ENMUXA can be installed in studios, a managemnent centre and directly at the transmitter site. Its flexibility allows for deployment on IP based network architecture, as well as satelite-based networks. ENMUXA also offers basic remote management and monitoring thanks to its new dashboard, accessible via any web-browser. Multiple level of redundancy and monitoring options are available as an option.

ENMUXA and Cloud Technologies

Stay ahead now and in the future with ENMUXA. Our DAB encoding and multiplexing solution has been tested to work with cloud platform providers, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Deploying your DAB network in the cloud will allow for the ability to move quickly and easily. Coupled with the common need to bring staff onboard with technology access anywhere in the world and easily scale for demand, having technology that can adjust to varying demands is a critical requirement nowadays. Cloud service providers have some of the best security network and infrastructure engineers in the world working on their systems twenty-four hours a day all year round.