Factum Radioscape unveil MultiMuxa, the next generation of DAB multiplexing systems

Factum Radioscape unveil MultiMuxa, the next generation of DAB multiplexing systems

London, UK – Factum Radioscape, a leading provider of digital radio solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its new MultiMuxa DAB system. This innovative software represents a major step forward in professional DAB encoding and multiplexing, offering simple and efficient operation for multiplex operators and service providers.

Based on extensive experience with DAB multiplexes and their operation, Factum Radioscape have worked closely with major broadcasters to develop this cutting-edge platform designed to make set up and management of DAB services easy. The introduction of service profiles and the ability to associate an individual service to multiple ensembles at once saves time and operational resource.

The system features the Dolby audio codec, ensuring high quality audio experience for listeners. Additionally, MultiMuxa provides advanced redundancy for audio input and EDI output automated switching, service linking, advanced FIC functions and emergency warning system.

“MultiMuxa represents a significant milestone for the company and is an exciting addition to our product portfolio.” said James Waterson, Sales Manager of Factum Radioscape. “This system will provide operators with a superior user experience to manage their DAB services and deliver feature-rich content to their audiences.”

Multimuxa has already been adopted by several leading broadcasters, including SwissMediaCast (Switzerland) in a virtualised environment for six ensembles, ERT (Greece) on dedicated IPC, and the system is being used to deliver many local services across the UK. The system can operate on both Windows and Linux depending on the audio codec requirements, and is optimised for high density deployments using containerisation.

The MultiMuxa DAB system is now available for demonstrations and trials.

KMZ file recordings added to OBSERVA Field Monitor

KMZ file recordings added to OBSERVA Field Monitor

In collaboration with telecommunication engineering specialists Mediatronic srl, the OBSERVA Field Monitor has the added function to record DAB field data in KMZ format. By uploading the KMZ file to Google Earth, a user can create a presentation and easily share their field data for DAB reception quality and accurate coverage planning.

Factum Radioscape’s OBSERVA Field Monitor is a powerful and intuitive tool designed to provide reliable and comprehensive RF monitoring of DAB signal coverage and performance. It is used by Mediatronic for DAB signal analysis across Italy.

The OBSERVA Field Monitor is a portable device equipped with advanced signal analysis capabilities and provides detailed information on signal coverage, quality, and performance. The Map view provides a visualisation of the DAB signal quality during the journey using the Field Monitor’s GPS and RF antenna. The Data Logging feature is designed to record live data, which is customisable to focus on specific metrics of interest, such as a particular transmitter. Together, the map and logger provide key DAB signal analysis during drive surveys, used to identify, and troubleshoot signal degradation and black-spots, and as a reference receiver to evaluate the performance of in car receivers.

The new KMZ file implementation makes the OBSERVA Field Monitor an invaluable tool for Mediatronic for real-time data recording which can be presented clearly using Google Earth.