Dynamic range control software for digital audio

Digital Audio Dynamics Processor Software

CADENZA provides compressor, limiter, and expander functions. The compressor action is adapted to human hearing instead of being a purely technical gain servo system. The parameters preserve the original impression of dynamics and life of the sound.

The CADENZA software supports multi-channel audio inputs, optimised for use in a live Audio over IP (AoIP) environment.



Load previous/default configuration from a series of Presets

View the current gain being applied to any audio input
View audio input and output levels
View the input/output relationship based on the current audio process parameters in graphical form
The CADENZA algorthm performs exact peak level control
A control signal cleaning function further reduces distortion normally introduced by fast compression or limiting.


Supported sample rates are 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz & 96kHz.

A frequency deviation from the nominal sampling frequency of less than 4% is tolerated.

Operating environment specified for ASIO drivers.

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