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Standard in DAB Monitoring for State Broadcasters

Factum Radioscape have recently supplied 4 state broadcasters in leading DAB markets with what is widely being considered the standard in DAB monitoring, the OBSERVA Multiplex Supervisor. Operating some of the most establish DAB networks worldwide, state broadcasters in the … Read More

Professional DAB Receiver Conquers Automotive Industry

The world’s most recognised automotive specialists including Aston Martin, Toyota, Volvo, Peugeot and Citroen have all recently purchased Factum Radioscape’s market leading DAB+ measuring tool, the OBSERVA Field Monitor. The OBSERVA Field Monitor accurately monitors and records an array of … Read More

Another PLUS for Factum Radioscape and VRT in Belgium

Since April 2015, VRT have deployed Factum Radioscape’s market leading digital radio broadcast system to provide reliable and stable encoding and multiplexing. With the support of our partners, VRT have now successfully upgraded their services from DAB to DAB+ in Antwerp, Limburg, East Flanders, West Flanders … Read More

Factum Radioscape Products and Expertise Contribute to DAB+ Workshop in Jordan

Factum Radioscape joined WorldDAB and others contributors from the DAB industry to hold an informative and practical workshop in Amman, Jordan, hosted by Jordan Radio TV (JRTV) and the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC). Utilising Factum Radioscape’s ENMUXA encoding and multiplexing … Read More

Factum Radioscape Deploys DAB+ Over Cable for Switzerland’s largest CATV Network

In a major upgrade to their existing Factum Radioscape DAB Head-end System, a Swiss cable network operator has deployed Factum Radioscape’s software as a multi-ensemble virtualised DAB+ head-end on one server for Cable networks, including the migration from DAB to DAB+ audio encoding. The … Read More

Factum Radioscape Brings DAB+ to South Africa

In a major upgrade to their DAB+ trial head-end, SADIBA (the Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association) invited Factum Radioscape to deploy a replacement DAB+ head-end in May 2017 for the remainder of the current DAB+ trial. The 3-day visit included installation and … Read More