OBSERVA Range Provides DAB Monitoring Solution for Iranian Transmitters

Fara Afrand, a major transmitter manufacturer and system integrator for a DAB pilot project in Tehran, have chosen the OBSERVA Multiplex Supervisor and OBSERVA Field Monitor to measure audio signal and modulation quality.

The Multiplex Supervisor provides the user with a web-interface to monitor EDI, ETI and RF inputs, while the Field Monitor is more suited for RF monitoring and mobile measurements (e.g. drive tests).

The OBSERVA products will be integral for testing and evaluating DAB+ signals from a passive reserve 4KW DAB+ transmitter currently installed for the trial.

The Multiplex Supervisor and Field Monitor will combine to oversee the DAB+ network from multiplexing to the transmission, providing real-time monitoring and instant alerts to any signal errors or content faults. This comprehensive solution provides assurance throughout the broadcast chain, at an affordable price.

James Waterson, Sales Manager at Factum Radioscape, recalls, “Fara Afrand’s brief was clear: a need to analyse, validate and record the DAB+ EDI stream into the transmitter, and the subsequent RF output as well. OBSERVA met these requirements and presents the data accurately and in a concise manner. We are delighted to support this project with our products.”

Factum Radioscape’s Commercial Director, Andy Joseph added, “It’s an exciting time for Factum Radioscape and DAB in Asia. Our products have been contributing to projects in regions such as Iran, Kuwait and Thailand, with further more deployments planned. Assisting new territories in trialling DAB is something we will always be enthusiastic in supporting.”

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