Factum Radioscape and KPN Continue DAB Wave in The Netherlands

Factum Radioscape have been chosen by Dutch telecommunications company KPN to supply and support their new DAB broadcast platform, ENMUXA.

ENMUXA contains a complete system with multiplexers, audio encoders, data servers with a full redundancy deployment. With its modern and intuitive web-interface, ENMUXA was also able to satisfy the comprehensive KPN security criteria other broadcasting systems may not have been able to meet.

Factum Radioscape will also be supplying 2 monitoring products from their OBSERVA range. The Field Monitor, designed for mobile measurements and the Multiplex Supervisor, providing SMNP alarms and system validation.

In the past 2 years, the OBSERVA range has established itself as the market leading for DAB+ monitoring and analysis.

Managing Director, Thomas Durkin, said: “The close communication with the KPN team over the past year is what has made this possible.  No two systems are ever alike, and working collaboratively as we have done will ensure optimum results in deployment”

Global Sales Manager, James Waterson, said “Since its launch in 2017, ENMUXA has revolutionised the deployment of DAB broadcast systems.  We are delighted to be working with KPN and look forward to continuing our work in Dutch DAB market”.

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