Another First – Factum Radioscape Provides Thailand with DAB+

Factum Radioscape are continuing where they left off in 2018 with another 1st, by supplying Thailand with their first national DAB+ head-end system, ENMUXA. After a fiercely contested procurement process, ENMUXA once again proved its superior functional versatility.  This includes the ability to output multiple character sets, such as the Thai abugida, setting it apart from its competitors. 

A fully redundant encoding, multiplexing and monitoring system is currently being installed in the capital, Bangkok, and will go to air in the coming weeks. A software-based virtualised system will enable studios to send their audio over IP to a centralised location for encoding, multiplexing and distribution.  ENMUXA is also capable of encoding MPEG2-TS from satellites, an option that might be utilised during expansion.

The architecture will also encompass the Output Manager, a newly-developed switching software enabling an automated assembly of identical EDI streams from all available system components.  This offers the broadcaster the optimal output distribution and in turn, provides the listener with a better audio experience. The entire broadcast chain will be monitored and validated utilising products from Factum Radioscape’s unrivalled OBSERVA range.  The OBSERVA range has already been adopted by national broadcasters including the UK, Australia, Italy and Switzerland, with Thailand a much-welcomed addition.

Factum Radioscape’s Managing Director, Thomas Durkin, said “The expansion of DAB+ into Asia has been gathering momentum, and the Thai deployment is seen by many as a milestone.  We are proud to be part of Thailand’s success and will continue to assist them in any way we can”

In addition, Global Sales Manager, James Waterson said “We continually look to deliver increased system functionality, reliable support and cost-efficient pricing on any project we undertake.  The Thai market values each of these criteria equally and provides the core of Factum Radioscape’s continued expansion”.       

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