Factum Radioscape Expansion in Italy with RTTR

After fierce competition, Factum Radioscape’s ENMUXA head-end system has once again outshone its rivals to continue its expansion in one of DAB’s leading markets, Italy. RTTR, based in Trento, recently upgraded their long-standing Factum system to its successor, ENMUXA.

ENMUXA offers unrivalled flexibility allowing all forms of audio input including AoIP and MPEG2-TS, along with an intuitive web-interface for easy and secure access. ENMUXA consists entirely of software-based components, and therefore, the entire installation was able to be conducted remotely. RTTR will also now be under support for the foreseeable future, giving them access to any updates and the Factum Radioscape helpdesk.

Thomas Durkin, Managing Director, said “Italy is a DAB territory Factum Radioscape have been servicing for the past 20 years. As the Italian market grows, we look forward to being able to assist every step of the way”.

James Waterson, Global Sales Manager, added “We are very excited to be working with RTTR and provide them with the market-leading DAB broadcast system, ENMUXA. In collaboration with our Italian partners, DELO Instruments, we look forward to further project on the Italian horizon”

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