Standard in DAB Monitoring for State Broadcasters

Factum Radioscape have recently supplied 4 state broadcasters in leading DAB markets with what is widely being considered the standard in DAB monitoring, the OBSERVA Multiplex Supervisor.

Operating some of the most establish DAB networks worldwide, state broadcasters in the UK, Australia, Belgium and Switzerland have turned to the OBSERVA Multiplex Supervisor to provide assurance throughout their broadcast chain.

The monitor’s customisable software applications utilise SNMP, real-time data and instant alerts to deliver a cost-efficient tool for network validation, supervision and multiplex management of EDI, ETI and RF.

With substantial upturns in listenership, the faultless operation of a DAB ensemble is becoming increasingly critical.  Detection of errors within the broadcast chain that could affect audio, text, slides or SFN’s timings are what need to be addressed with haste so that the listener’s experience is undisturbed.

Thomas Durkin, Managing Director of Factum Radioscape commented “As a multiplex manufacturer and operator, our team has a deep-rooted understanding of the vital components that contribute to a DAB transmission and where errors may occur.  It has been these considerations as well as feedback from our customers that has led to such a successful product like the Multiplex Supervisor”.

Global Sales Manager Andy Joseph added “From the many WorldDAB conferences we attend, it is becoming clear that global DAB listenership is increasing year on year. Expectations have increased on the quality of service and network coverage providers supply, and the Multiplex Supervisor if the perfect tool to assist them in this challenge”.

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