Order for DAB+ Monitoring in Slovenia – Made to Measure

Factum Radioscape are delighted to be working with AKOS, the Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia, by providing them with our market leading monitoring device for DAB+, the OBSERVA Field Monitor. AKOS have purchased these Field Monitors following thorough testing against its market competitors in a 6 week trial.

AKOS allocate and supervise the national radio frequency in Slovenia, and awarded the licences for first national DAB+ network (operational since September 2016). AKOS required dedicated, accurate and cost-efficient measurement equipment to supervise DAB+ RF transmission, and began trialling various devices on the market.

Regulators and broadcasters alike are impressed by the capabilities of this compact device. The OBSERVA Field monitor is easy-to-use, the performance and measurements are equal to high-end receivers, and most importantly it’s affordable.

Aleš Blatnik, Area Advisor for AKOS, commented:
“Based on our test conclusions and user experience we decided to use the OBSERVA Field Monitor. With the OBSERVA Field Monitor, we are able to supervise all important parameters of DAB+ and also parameters of FM radio. What is also important is the user-friendly software interface. During the testing period and also afterwards, we were extremely satisfied with Factum Radioscape’s Support Team, and we expect the same in the future.”

Sales Manager for Factum Radioscape, James Waterson, added:
“I’m very pleased the OBSERVA Field Monitor proved itself once again, leaving no doubt this is the must-have device for DAB+ network operators. Every day we do our very best to empower DAB+ stakeholders by providing them guidance, support and the best equipment currently available on the market.”



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