ENMUXA: New Face of Bestselling DAB Broadcast System

Factum Radioscape are pleased to announce the official release of ENMUXAENMUXA has enhanced Factum Radioscape’s renowned digital broadcast system by providing users with an intuitive interface that offers at-a-glance ensemble monitoring, simple configuration and scheduling set-up tools and the ability to securely login from anywhere in the world.

ENMUXA’s web-browser interface has been designed through focus groups and feedback from the largest state and commercial broadcasters worldwide and has culminated in applying the latest in user experience design principles to ensure error-free operation while increasing usability.

Managing Director, Thomas Durkin said: “Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This has been a passionate project for Factum Radioscape over the past year and it’s great to now be able to share it with our customers.”

CTO, Dominic Banham, added: “I believe ENMUXA will provide unparalleled access to the ever-increasing DAB community. Our design will enable any level of engineer or technician the ability to set-up and operate a DAB ensemble, and with our dashboard monitoring feature, they’ll know immediately what’s on air.”

For more information about ENMUXA, please email info@factumradioscape.com

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