Factum Radioscape Deploys DAB+ Over Cable for Switzerland’s largest CATV Network

In a major upgrade to their existing Factum Radioscape DAB Head-end System, a Swiss cable network operator has deployed Factum Radioscape’s software as a multi-ensemble virtualised DAB+ head-end on one server for Cable networks, including the migration from DAB to DAB+ audio encoding.

The system is part of a CATV cable system upgrade to the new generation high-speed data over cable service interface specification DOCSIS 3.1. The higher speed and network capacity of the new cable service will include Digital TV, Digital Radio (DAB-C) and high-speed broadband. Upgrading the cable radio services from DAB to DAB+ encoding technology has enabled CATV subscribers to receive a significantly higher number of radio programmes through the cable network.

Together with their Swiss partner for Digital Radio broadcast equipment, Teletrend AG, Factum Radioscape have enabled new opportunities for this network operator to enhance their unique position in Digital Radio broadcasting via cable networks.

Fredy Jost, Teletrend’s head of Sales, said:
“With the Factum Radioscape multi-ensemble virtualised DAB+ head-ends, our client, UPC, can deliver a stable and reliable platform demanded to their cable subscribers.”

Managing Director of Factum Radioscape, Thomas Durkin said:
“ I am delighted to have worked closely with Teletrend to deliver the world’s first DAB-C system to over 1.5m subscribers. This marks a major development in the ongoing growth of digital radio, delivering high quality content in an entirely new way.”

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